"Paul's open and non-jugemental attitude helps opening up a space in which I dare to name what is going on. It is such a liberating experience to name what can be perceived as un-nameable and have someone take you seriously.

When faced with what I experienced as stuckness in something insurmountable and overwhelming Paul could help by suggesting a new way to relate to that experience. ...

I also feel empowered to face more and to trust that there is a way forward even if I can not see it in the moment. It is good to know that there is a trustworthy practice and trustworthy practitioners to help if / when needed with facing ourselves. I highly recommend turning to Paul for a session."

Annica C, Stockholm Sweden 12-2020

Working in addictions is challenging and can be motivating to continually refresh your knowledge of exciting new developments. Paul actively investigates complementary areas of research while applying them in a therapeutic blend for addiction behaviour recovery and relief. As an addiction professional, Paul's primary goal is to provide support and guidance to clients on their journey towards a sense of balanced health. I have known Paul for many years, particularly in his UK practice, and am touched by the voluntarily provided responses from clients he has helped in managing their lives' obstacles to gain a stronger sense of self. I am excited about his new book as it will open and clarify a new way of approaching addiction therapy. Dr. T. Andre